Empowering Organizations

Build a Roadmap that Helps Everyone Work at Their Best

Let’s make your work really work.

We empower organizations to grow from the inside out. We do this by getting real about your pain points and helping you embrace change.

We believe that when you’re set up for success behind the scenes, you can live your mission with confidence and ease. And organizations that feel and function good, do good too.

Easier said than done, right? I get it – it’s hard to see the patterns that are holding you back when you’re just trying to stay afloat.


But, what if I told you that you can…

  • Foster hope and possibility in your organization by supporting mutuality and accountability.
  • Develop meaningful and inclusive conversations around highly-charged issues.
  • Mobilize efforts languishing from past mistakes, a lack of resources or emerging needs.
  • Get your team headed in the same direction.
  • Create pathways for a future of stability, even if you’re standing in the middle of transition or chaos.


Maybe you need all of these results and more, or just one. The good news is: you have options.

How can we help you?

Interim Nonprofit Management

The way we see it, change is just the process of becoming different—good different. When your organization is facing challenges or transition, it can be hard to fix, let alone locate, the cracks in the foundation.

That’s where we come in with well-tested tactics so we can co-create a path forward and get everyone on board.



  • Day-to-day management during leadership gaps and transitions
  • Project management
  • Board-directed executive search
  • Transition planning
  • & more

Organizational Coaching

Tenacious about the greater good, we believe that the best way to grow an enduring organization is to reinvigorate its leaders behind the scenes. Together, we’ll identify and reprogram the pain points keeping you stuck so that you can live your mission.



  • Board training and development. Topics include:
    • Role of the board
    • Nonprofit financial basics
    • New board member orientation
    • Priority setting
    • Custom topics based on needs
  • Executive Director coaching

Kind Words from the Community

"Amy led the organization with confidence and grace and left us well prepared for success. She is ethical, collaborative, straightforward and able to make good decisions. She has the ability to see a path out of difficult situations and works with others to get there."

Vanessa Height

Former Board Chair, Nokomis East Neighborhood Association

“Amy Arcand is an accomplished executive director who knows how to help nonprofits thrive, navigate a transition, and implement bold ideas. Amy brings a lengthy track record of working with communities and building partnerships to accomplish big things.”

Eric Gustafson

Program Officer, Family Housing Fund

“Amy is dedicated. When I say dedicated I mean that she will deliver on what she has promised no matter how difficult. She works more than she is paid for and she makes a deep personal commitment to ensuring that the intended goals and outcomes are met.”

Melanie Majors